Cardio Barre

Cardio Barre is a high-energy, full-body workout that fuses elements of Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Strength Training and Pilates. This class will sculpt, tone and stretch all of your muscle groups while getting your heart rate high! Cardio Barre is easily modified for all fitness levels. 

Cbarre Classes are held in a small group setting to invite personalized coaching in a fun, intimate and supportive environment. This sculpting and energizing Barre class will have you feeling STRONG and confident from the inside out. Working out doesn’t have to be boring. Our classes combine mindful movement with an invigorating dance party vibe!

Here’s what our students are saying:

“Challenging workout but low impact modifications are always demonstrated. Music is very current. A relaxed environment that's about improvement with no intimidating vibe”.

-Christine W.

“Energetic, detailed, and keeps you working really hard. I had a great workout overall! I look forward to returning”.

-Lori D.