Core Barre

Core Barre is a Pilates Mat style workout class that will sculpt, tone and stretch the muscle groups in your “Pilates Powerhouse”. [Abdominals, Glutes, Back Muscles, Quads and Hamstrings]. Core Barre is easily modified for all fitness levels. Cbarre Classes are all held in a small group setting to invite personalized coaching in a fun, intimate and supportive environment. Our instructors assist you in the use of props like the Barre, weighted Toning Balls, Squishy Pilates Balls and Resistance Bands to level-up the intensity of the workout. Benefits of Core Barre are numerous - improved posture, core strength, toned seat and legs, increased spine flexibility and body awareness to name a few!

Here’s what our students are saying:

“Another great class! Loved the Pilates infusion!!”

-Chantal B.

“I love this class! Christine’s mix of cardio, barre, pilates and yoga has completely redefined my body. I am running stronger and injury free, my posture is better and I found my abs. I may not yet be a ballerina, but pretending to be one twice a week has given me a new body. Seriously, try this class. It works miracles”.

-Sue D.